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  • Various Fields of Education Imparted
  • Computerized Administration
  • Latthe Pattern for Academic Excellence
  • Prizes for Academic Excellence
  • Ideal Employee Award Scheme
  • Night Study Circle
  • Efficiency Evaluation of Branches
  • Latthe Festival
  • Refresher Courses For Teachers
  • Nirmal Jeevan Abhiyan
  • L.E.S. Computer Academy
  • Earn & Learn Scheme
  • Language Lab
  • Centralized scheme of purchase
  • Anatargat Pariksha Niyojan Mandal
  • Latthe Jayanti & Sevak Sneha-Melawa
  • Sadbhavana Rally
  • 21st Akhil Bhartiya Balkumar Shaitya Saimailan
Various Fields of Education Imparted :

Through 36 branches, we impart Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Engineering, Medical, Computer training, Agriculture and Academic and Technical Education.

Computerized Administration :

Accounts of all the departments of L.E. Society have been computerized since April 1, 2002.In order to facilitate this, two employees from every department have been trained in computer operation.
From the present year, an ambitious project is being undertaken under which all employees of the L.E. Society will be computer trained in the MS- CIT course.
Libraries of all our colleges have already been computerized, all our colleges have Internet facilities. Admission process in all colleges too has been computerized.

‘Latthe Pattern’ for Academic Excellence :

All periodical tests of std 1st to std 9th and 10th are efficiently conducted by society's Internal Examination Board .This board has done an excellent job in the fields of evaluation and quality improvement .For the last two years Latthe Pattern of excellence has been implemented for the students of std 10th and 12th .As a result a lot of of students have achieved spectacular success .This year the students of std 1st and std 9th are to be brought under Latthe Pattern.

Prizes for Academic Excellence :

Various prizes have been set-up on behalf of Shrimati Rajmati Nemgonda Patil Trust. Ex. Mayor and the Chairman of the L.E.Society, Mr. Suresh Adagonda Patil has set-up prize for every student of L.E.Society topping the merit list, a prize worth of rupees five thousand and a student standing first in a subject, a prize worth rupees one thousand. This prize scheme has created a great excitement among the Society's students and they have been inspired to improve their academic qualifications .Consequently, Shrimati Rajmati Nemgonda Patil Trust has been a topic of everybody's admiration. Apart from these major prizes, there are dozens and dozens of prizes in every school and college. of our society, for academic excellence.

‘Ideal Employee’ Award Scheme :

activity An ideal employee is selected from among the teachers and non - teaching staff working in various schools and colleges of L.E. Society, named after an ideal employee and office bearer late Shri T. K. Patil. This late Shri. T. K. Patil Ideal Employee Award, is given on the birth anniversary of Late Annasaheb Latthe.

Night Study Circle :

Financially backward students have been provided with Night-Study Facilities at Smt. Kasturbai walchand College. Study facilities are available to all the students from 7.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. Poverty stricken students are provided with these facilities free.

Efficiency Evaluation Scheme of L.E. Society :

The Heads of Society's various schools and colleges are made responsible and accountable to see that efficiency of their institution is enhanced. They have also been provided with Evaluation Criteria-Cards for such evaluation. Amenities provided such as buildings, playgrounds, performance of sports etc. are considered with academic excellence, staff improvement and improvement of teaching techniques, internal administration, house-keeping, surprise checks, Local Managing committee Reports, Accounts Inspection Reports of educational authorities are other areas.

Latthe Festival :

activityOur society arranges Latthe Festival Cultural Programmes every year. The purpose of this festival is to find, encourage and enhance inherent and hidden talents of the students studying in the Society's schools and colleges.activity The aim of the festival is that along with academic, sports and quality improvement, good cultural upbringing of the students is necessary. About 8000 students are the beneficiaries of this festival. The festival is liked a great deal by the students. We are proud to say that we are pioneers in arranging such contests at Society level.

Refresher Courses For Teachers :

We have started a scheme under which higher-secondary teachers, working in various Jr. colleges of the society, are receiving training in Refresher Courses. The purpose of this scheme is to familiarize every teacher with latest teaching technics, information and advanced knowledge in the field of education. Consequently, we hope that there will be considerable improvement in teachers teaching skill and both the students and the institutions. The well known and expert resource persons-share their skill and knowledge with our teachers.

Nirmal Jeevan Abhiyan :

Health is also wealth. All the campuses of all our schools and colleges have been declared as Vice-Free Zones to free the students from the clutches of vices of Gutkhas, Smoking etc. Society has a rule that any student found possessing Mava or Gutkha is punished with a fine of Rs. 500/-. Understanding the importance of this campaign, students have been enthusiastically and voluntarily co-operating. The Society has adopted Nirmal Jeevan Abhiyan . The purpose of this campaign is to instill in every student the significance of a clean, healthy, vice-free life and to enlighten them through various projects sponsored by our society.

L.E.S. Computer Academy ( Student-Computer Training ) :

:- L. E. Society has set up an institute called Latthe Computer Academy to make all our students computer literate. Under this scheme all the students of our Society ranging from std 1st to 9th receive computer training at nominal fee. We have number of modern well equipped computer training labs; staffed by experienced and trained persons. We also train all employee of our society in MS-CIT Course. About 20000 students are getting the benefit of this Computer Academy and at various computer labs. This scheme has been widely acclaimed by the parents. We take pride in saying that we are among the pioneers in computer training of all students.

Earn & Learn Scheme :

Poor Students are helped with part time jobs to finance their education.

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